what is The [Full Form Of OTP]

Do you know what is OTP and what is the full form of OTP? I know you don’t know its full form. before we know the full form of OTP. we are talking about what is OTP?

What Is OTP?

OTP is a password for authentication and security. OTP is a different type of password usually of another password. OTP maybe have 4 digits and 6 digit numbers.

OTP is a password that comes in messages when we do some important works Like Authentication, Downloading Our personal Documents,s, and Banking related Transactions.

OTP is very important for our security it keeps us safe from hackers and scammers. It Protects us and keeps our privacy strong.

The Full Form Of OTP

We use OTP daily but don’t know its full form because we didn’t think about it. The Full Form of OTP is “One Time Password“.

It means it can be used only once. It will automatically expire in 5 to 10 minutes after expiry you cannot use it. You have to generate the new OTP.

Some Time OTP is set for limited attempts like 3 Attempts, 5 Attempts. If a person types the wrong OTP till attempting. The Attempting limit exceeds then you have to try the next time that is being set.

in this article, you knew what is OTP and the full form of OTP.

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OTPOffline Temporary PasswordPassword
OTPOptions Trading PermitShare Market
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OTPOpen Telecommunications PlatformTelecommunication

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