What is the Full form of IT: Excellent Guide

Have you ever heard the word IT and thought that what is the meaning of IT. There are so many meanings we can use for IT. But, here we are discussing the technology sector. So what is IT full form in technology?

Full Form of IT

May be there are also many word we can say as full form of IT. But the full form of IT is “Information Technology”.

This is a course related to engineering like B.E., B.Tech etc. Mostly those students who wants to become a software engineer take IT subject in his/her engineering carriar.

Hope You Understand the meaning of IT (Information Technology). There are many other full form of IT also which wee are telling you ahead.

Other Meanings and Full Forms of IT

Word (Full Form)Sector
Income Taxeconomics

Hope you got the full form of IT. Information technology is the most of the full form amomg all the full form for IT.

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