What is RIP Full Form and Meaning

There are millions of words we use in our daily life. But sometimes when someone dies then we use the word RIP. But do you know the meaning of RIP Word? We say so many words daily in full form and short form. while RIP is also a short form it has a meaning. we use it on social media platforms for the person who died.

Actually, RIP is used to pray to GOD for giving peace to the souls of the dead person.

But it does not mean that RIP is used only for a dead person there are also other meanings of RIP that we give ahead.

What Is RIP Full Form

RIP full form and Meaning is “Rest in Peace”. Many people use it in “Return If Possible”, But this is not possible that a dead person returns to his living life after once being dead.

If you did not know the meaning of RIP this article is especially for you because ever use so many words in our daily life but if we don’t their meaning we should not use them. Because a single word describes much meaning. So, speak but think before and know what we are speaking.

Hop! you got the full form of RIP and Know the meaning of RIP to use. We pray for a person to GOD Buy this word after he leaves the life and died.

Sometimes we write RIP at the Coffin in Burial Sites where we tomb the dead person.

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Other RIP Full Forms

1. RIP Full form Army

Reconnaissance Information Point

2. RIP full form in medical

Resuscitation In Progress

3. RIP full form in networking

Routing Information Protocol

4. RIP full form in Banking

Re-Investment Plan

5. RIP Meaning in Finance

Retirement Income Plan

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