What is PTP Full Form & Meaning

What is PTP Full Form and what does PTP Stand for? There is some answer to this question in this article. PTP Is not used to describe a single word It is most probably used to make an abbreviation or acronym or short form of words.

What PTP Full Form

So, if you think that you will find the PTP Full-Form you may not find this because of its different categories.

what is the full form of PTP in computer

In Computer technology, we say it is a protocol.

PTP full form in the computer is (Picture Transfer Protocol).

This is used to help to transfer images from cameras to computers and other peripherals without any third-party software or Drivers.

PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) is developed by an association named  International Imaging Industry Association.

What is PTP full form in microfinance

It is Sharing between Two Co-Owners whose companies share traded in the established securities market regularly.

The full form of PTP in Microfinance is (Publicly Traded Partnership).

Is A Publicly Traded Partnership is a partnership with general owners, companies, individuals, organizations, etc.

Other Full Forms Of PTP

CategoriesPTP Full Form
Performance Technology Partners
TechnologyPower Technology Pioneers
SoftwaresPreliminary Test Plan
SoftwaresProgrammable Text Processor
SoftwareProficient Test Program
ElectronicsPeer To Peer
ElectronicsProgrammed Turn Phase
Governmentprepaid transportation program
Governmentpatch and test panel
Governmentprobability to penetrate
EducationPractical Training for Professionals
Computer HardwarePaper Tape Punch
Computer HardwarePaper Tape Perforator
SportsPay To Play
MathsPosterior Probability
ChemistryPost-Tetanic Potentiation
Finance Publicly Traded Partnership
Airport CodePointe-a-Pitre
Airport CodeLe Raizet airport
OrganizationPathways To Peace
OrganizationProject Tanzania Partnership
Job TitleProfessional Tax Planner
Physics RelatedPhase Transition Phenomena
NetworkingPrecision Time Protocol
courierPrime Time Plus
sapProcure to Pay process
MedicalPost-transfusion purpura

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