What is PTEC full Form in Education & Business?

Are you finding the full form of PTEC word, So you are at the right place for this? PTEC is a word that is a normal word but sometimes it is used for a special purpose in different categories.

The PTRC word is mostly used in two fields the first sector is Educational Sector and the Second field is the Legally Rules of business means the business field.

We used PTEC in two fields more and more. So, Are you interested to know PTEC Full form in Education and Business?

PTEC Full Form

It is an Acronym of a word mostly used in short form but, there are full forms of PTEC.

The full form of PTEC are as below –

PTECEducation Primary Teachers Education College 
PTECBusinessProfessional Tax Enrollment Certificate

FAQ And More Full Form

1. PTEC full form in medical

Ans.  Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells

2. PTECfull form in study

Ans. Partnership Training and Education Centres

I hope, you have found the full form of PTEC that you want to know. PTEC is used for others meaning too but we have only this information which we shared with you in this article of PTEC full form.

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