What is NOS Full form

In this article, you will learn What is NOS and NOS Full form. NOS is an abbreviation. In Computer NOS is Very important but What is this?

what is NOS full form?

NOS stands for “Network Operating System” in the Network system.

What is NOS (Network Operating System)?

The Network Operating system is which controls and manages the connection, communications among all the networking devices like Computer, Printer, Server, Router, Scanner Etc.

compared to a normal operating Network Operating System is very reliable and there are many properties in NOS.

It Connects various autonomous computers to the server. The autonomous computer is that has a self-operating system, memory, processor, etc.

The main purpose is of NOS (Network Operating System) is to Sharing and Accessing Files and Between the Computers.

Another Full form OF NOS

No.CategoriesFull-Form of NOS
1ComputerNetwork Operating System
2JobNational Occupational Standards
3FoodNational Organic Standard
4IMDGNot Otherwise Specified
5MedicalNetwork Operating System
6BusinessNew old stock
7MeasurementNumbers (Abbreviation)
8Diesel, ChemistryNitrous oxide System
9ArmyNight Observation Surveillance
10SchoolNational Orthodox School

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