What is HTTP & HTTPS Full form

Are you want to know what is HTTP and HTTPS and why there are used in the web address. What is the Full Form of HTTP and HTTPS? So are on the right page. here you will know the HTTP & HTTPS working.

You often see Http Or Https in the URL box of your internet browser like chrome, Mozilla, etc. But do you know what is HTTP if no then read this post?

Full form of HTTP and HTTPS

before we know about it we should know its full form because it is not only a single word it is a short form Let’s Know the HTTP full form.

HTTP Full Form is – HyperText Transfer Protocol.

HTTPS Full Form is – HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.

What is HTTP?

HTTP is a Hypertext transfer protocol. It is a Request and Response protocol. that becomes a medium between client and server. Here is our web browser is requested as the client and the server like Apache respond to that request.

HTTP is like a network protocol that is used in WWW (World Wide Web).

All the rules related to the transformation of data between the client and the server are written in the HTTP (Protocol).

Like: Image, text information, video, and any types of media and file which transfer from server to clients side determinate by HTTP.

This Protocol determines how will the format be of data will transfer. how will the transmission of data and browser respond to different requests?

nowadays, the browser is set by default HTTP in URL but before we had to write HTTP in URL then the URL was woking.

The server stores all the files of the website and client requests to the server for getting that data then the server follows the rules of the HTTP protocol and transfer the data to the client. But the data sent by HTTP are not secure.

What is HTTPs?

It is also a protocol the full form of HTTPS is “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure”. It is the Secured version of HTTP and it uses SSL Certificate (Secured Layer Socket).

SSL Transfer data in Encrypted form between Client and Server. It encrypts all the data by cryptography. means a type of data encryption that cannot be decoded without a decryption key.

Thus it protects the sensitive information which is in data form. You see HTTPS in the URL of any website it means that website is certified by SSL.

In the chrome browser, you cant see the green box with secured text.

for example:



Hope you understood HTTP and HTTPS and the HTTP Full form. if you want to create a website then you should use an SSL certificate on your website.

1. What is HTTP in simple words?

Ans. HTTP is “HyperText Transfer Protocol.” HTTP is used on the web to transfer the data.

2. Why is HTTP Not Secure?

Ans. HTTP is not Secure because it does not transfer data in encrypted form.

3. Is it safe to use HTTP?

Ans. It is safe to use HTTP but, in case you use Sensitive data then you should use HTTPS.

4. Why HTTPS is safe?

Ans. Because HTTPS sends the data in encrypted form which cannot be decode without decryption keys.

5. What is an HTTP request?

Ans. It is a request by the client to the server (Host). The main purpose of sending the request is to get the data from the server related to the website.

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