What is DPR full Form

In this article, you can find the full form of DPR. It is a short Acronym word made by three characters D, P, and R.

DPR has not only unique and individual meaning various types of categories and fields are use DPR for different meanings.

Here we create this post for different meanings for DPR and full form of DPR.

Full forms Of DPR

No.CategoriesFull-Form OF DPR
1GeneralDetailed Project Report
2SportsDaily Post Rankings
3BusinessDosemu Project Registry
4BusinessDelphi Project Resource
5BusinessDaily Progress Report
6BusinessDevelopment, Promotion, and Recognition
7GeneralDepartment Performance Report
8MessagingDaily Production Report
9ElectronicDigital Path Receiver
10ElectronicDigital Path Receiver
11DefenseDisplay Non-nodal Routing
12US GovernmentDepartment Of Parks And Recreation
13Space ScienceDefinition Phase Review
14Indian Railway StationDHAMPUR
15AccountingData Production Request
16File ExtensionDefault project- and state-related information (Borland C++ – Delphi)
17IndonesianDewan Perwakilan Rakyat
18Accounts and FinanceData Production Request
19GovernmentDesign Problem Report
20bankingDiversified Payment Rights

1. DPR full form in finance

Diversified Payment Rights

2. DPR meaning in share market

dividend payout ratio

3. DPR full form in civil engineering

Detailed Project Report

Hope You knew the full form of DPR Acronym.

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