What is CNG Full Form

In this article, we are discussing what us CNG Full Form and also you will know the information of CNG Gas.

The full form of CNG is “Compressed Natural Gas” but you should also know about CNG. Actually, CNG is a Fuel Gas Which is a Natural Gas. CNG is a mixture of 70% of Reactive Hydrocarbon and 85% Nitrogen Oxide. It has no test, smell, and any type of color. So, We can not feel it normally.

CNG Gas is extracted from beneath the land surface as natural gas and then collect in oil deposits. Its is weight is 40% lower than the air, which means is it very light weighted in comparison to other gases.

So, when it leaked out from the cylinder it will blow up into the air hence it is not dangerous for the people.

In the year 1800 America found the CNG GAS from natural gas although natural gas was founded in 1626 by William Hart in America. Hence we can William hart was actually the founder of CNG gas.

Many people think that LPG gas is CNG but it is not the truth. CNG and LPG both are different gases according to their chemical formulas and uses.

Actually, CNG is used in Transport as a fuel in instead of petrol diesel fuel. People prefer to buy the vehicles of CNG and also the government of India promotes those vehicles which are based on CNG Gas Fuel.

But Why, Because the reason is that to CNG Gas is the price is very low like 60 to 70 rs per kg and the mileage of CNG vehicles is also good. We also prefer you to buy the CNG vehicle because petrol and diesel are becoming less.

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