GTS Full form and Meanings

Do you know what is GTS Full Form? IN Medical Field we say it is “green tobacco sickness”. But what does it means?

When Tabacco is green then it can be harmful and cause sickness. When the works hold the green tobacco he may be sick. because the Green Tobacco falls on his body and clothes.

GTS Full Form in Different Categories.

Categories GTS Full Form
Indian Railway StationGHATSILA
PhysiologyGreen Tobacco Sickness
EducationGo To School
SoftwaresGnu Triangulated Surface
TechnologyGlobal Technology Symposium
Ocean ScienceGlobal Telecommunication System
MeteorologyGlobal Telecommunications System
Military and DefenceGrant’s Too Soft
FunnyGeorge Thomas Seaver

Other GTS Full Forms

1. What does GTS mean in a text?

Ans. Good Times.

2. What does GTS mean on a car?

Ans. Gran Turismo Sport.

3. What is GTS OTP?

Ans. Go To Sleep.

4. What does GTS mean in business?

Ans. Global Trade Services.

5. What does GTS stand for in finance?

Ans. Global Transaction Services.

6. What does GTS mean in science?

Ans. Global Telecommunications System.

7. What is GTS Full Form in Networking?

Ans. Generic Traffic Shaping.

8. What is GTS in Religion?

Ans. Greater Than Self.

9. What Does GTS Stands for Companies & Firms?

Ans. Galens Tag Service.

10. What is GTS in Transportation?

Ans. Gran Tourismo Supremo.

In This Article you new knew the GTS Full Form and if you have any doubt about it then comment on that problems. we will solve your problems. GTS has 100s Of Full-Form meanings.

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