GC Full Form: Meaning Of GC

In Simple words, GC can not be defined because it has many meanings so we can say GC has various types of Full Form in Various categories if You want to know all the GC full forms. We have written here.

If we talking about any particular topic then we choose chemistry.

GC Full Form In Chemistry

The Full Form of GC in Chemistry is Gas Chromatography.

What is Gas Chromatography

It is used in Analytics Chemistry. It is a common type of chromatography in which is used to separate volatile chemicals compounds based on theire boiling points that are vaporized without being chemically decomposed.

It is used to make pure compounds from a mixture. In some conditions, it is also used to recognize a compound.

It is used to separate the purity for particular specific substances and also separate various components from the mixture.

Another Full Forms Of GC in Various Categories

CategoriesFull-Form of GC
ChemistryGalvanic Corrosion
ChemistryGas Chromatography
WebsitesGrand Comics Database
Games & EntertainmentGameCube
Games & EntertainmentGround Control
Treatments & ProceduresMale Genital Cutting
Governmental OrganizationsGulf Cooperation Council
Religion & SpiritualityGeneral Conference
Departments & AgenciesDirectorate General of Civil Aviation
Religion & SpiritualityGeneral Conference
Games & EntertainmentGrand Chase
MilitaryGroup Captain
MilitaryGeneva Conventions
General ComputingGigacycle
Universities & InstitutionsGoshen College
Universities & InstitutionsGovernment College
Universities & InstitutionsGreenville College
SoftwareGreedy Critical
ElectronicsGrid Connect
MessagingGood Call
MessagingGet Crazy
Space ScienceGyrocompassing
Measurement UnitGalactic Coordinates
Database ManagementGarbage Cleanup
SportsGrand Champion
SportsGolf Club
SportsGame Conference
BankingGrand Central
BankingGift Cheque
TelecommunicationGlobal Communications

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