25+ FRL full Form: Meaning Of FRL

Do you want to know the FRL Full form you are in the right article in this article you will know various types of the full meaning and full form of FRL. Because FRL is not only a single or Unique word.

So, Let’s Know What is FRL?

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Full-Form OF FRL in Manufacturing?

Filter Regulator Lubricator.

No.CategoryFRL Full Form
1NSE Company SymbolFuture Retail Limited
2Space ScienceFuselage Reference Line
3FoundationsFoundations for Reading and Learning
4Architecture Fire Resistance Level
5EnvironmentalFashion Recycling Lab
6LeadershipFuture Ready Leadership
7LaboratoryFamily Research Laboratory
8Industry – FoodFirst Resources Ltd.
9Industry – AviationFlight Refuelling Ltd
10Business – ITFootball Radar Ltd
11OrganizationFairway Resolution Limited
12Regional Airport CodeForli Airport (in Italy)
13Government – US GovernmentFederal Register Log

Another Full form of FRL

There are many types of FRL Full-Form Do you know? In different categories, the FRL word is used for different purposes.

1. FRL full form in Dam?

Ans. Full Reservoir Level

2. FRL full form in irrigation?

Ans. Full Reservoir Level

3. FRL in chat/Text?

Ans. For Real” or “For Real?

4. FRL in civil engineering?

Ans. Finished Road Level.

5. FRL in road construction?

Ans. Finished Road Level.

6. What is the full form of the FRL unit?

Ans. FRL unitFilter, regulator, and lubricator.

7. FRL full form in economics?

Ans. Fractional Reserve Lending.

8. FRL meaning in banking?

Ans. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget.

9. FRL meaning education?

Ans. Free or Reduced-Price Lunch.

10. FRL full form in law.

Ans. Future Retail Limited.

In this article you knew FRL’s full form.

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