CPC Full Form: Meaning Of CPC

In this article, You will Learn what is CPC and the different types of CPC Full form. CPC is a Word that is an acronym of Cost Per Click.

We can say the “full Form of CPC is Click Per Cost”. But what is CPC (Click per Cost)?

We should know about it.

Another Full forms Of CPC

No.CategoryFull form of CPC
1Digital MarketingCost Per Click
2LawCivil Procedure Code
3Income TaxCentral Processing Centre
4BankingCheque Processing Centre
5certificationCertified Professional Coder 
6Departments & AgenciesCentral Pay Commission
7Departments & AgenciesCentralized Processing Centre
8Departments & AgenciesCentral Police Canteen
9BusinessCaspian Pipeline Consortium
10Governmental, PoliticsCommunist Party of Canada
11Governmental, PoliticsCommunist Party of China
12Universities & InstitutionsCentral Penn College

What is CPC In Digital Marketing?

CPC is a matric used in Digital marketing campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook Ads. All the measurements in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising model are Measured by CPC.

It is a click-based system when users click on the link which is promoted on an online platform. when an advertiser promotes his product through google ads or Facebook ads he has to pay a cost to google or Facebook for every single click clicked by the user who sees that Advertisement.

what is cPC in law?

before know about it you should know CPC full form in Law. So, The full form or meaning of CPC in law is the “Civil Procedure Code“.

In Civil Procedure Code defines a number of the legal terms related to civil services. It is a Law came into the act 1908. For more information go to this link CPC.

Faq related to CPC

1. What is CPC certification?

Ans. Certified Professional Coder 

2. What is CPC in income tax?

Ans. Central Processing Centre.

3. What is CPC in banking?

Ans. Cheque Processing Centre.

4. How many sections are there in CPC?

Ans. There are 12 parts in 158 Sections in CPC.

5. what is CPC in government?

Ans. 7th Central Pay Commission 

6. What is CPC in medical?

Ans. a certified professional coder.

7. What is the CPC formula?

Ans. CPC = ad cost/number of clicks.

8. what is CPC in electrical?

Ans. Circuit Protective Conductor.

9. What is CPC surgery?

Ans. Cyclophotocoagulation.

10. What does CPC stand for transport?

Ans. Certificate of Professional Competence.

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