What is the bi full form

Many persons like you search on the internet about “full form of Bi” the maybe you don’t bi Full-Form There are many other forms and full form of this words because of various types of categories.

thus, when you search Bi Full-Form You don’t get the right result. Since there is a list of Full Word Belong to “Bi” Acronyms. So Let’s know the Full Form Of Bi with different categories.

1Military and DefenceBasic Indoctrination
2Military and DefenceBattlefield Interdiction
3Military and DefenceBattlefield Injury
4Military and DefenceBomb Island
5Computer HardwareBus Invert
6Computer HardwareBack-Illuminated
7Computer HardwareBackplane Interconnect
8Computer HardwareBasic Instrument
9Computer HardwareBus In
10SoftwaresBuffered Image
11SoftwaresBuild Index
12File TypeBasic Source Code Include File (visual Basic)
13NetworkingBackup Interface
16Indian Railway StationBARI SADRI
17Job TitleBest Individual
18MessagingBeyond Incredible
20BankingBank of Italy
21BankingBank Indonesia
22Country-SpecificBintang, Indonesia
23SportsBatted In
24MathBasic Invariant
25MathsBilinear Interpolation
26MathsBinary Icosahedral
27Real EstateBuilt-in
28Computer Assembly LanguageBinary and Includes
29Computer Assembly LanguageBinary Input
30Computer Assembly LanguageByte Integer
31Country NamesBurundi
32Application, BusinessBusiness Intelligence
33EngineeringBiot Number
34TransportRoyal Brunei Airlines
35MedicalBrain Injury
36GastroenterologyBacterial Infection
37Tropical Medicine, TropicsBacillary Index
38Caregiver, Burden, NeurologyBurden Interview
39Intervention, Alcohol, HealthBrief Intervention
40MedicalBone Injury
41BioelectricalBioelectrical Impedance
42Mental Health, Psychiatry, PsychologyBehavioural Inhibition
43DentistryBone Impaction

Some Important Bi Full Form

What is Bi full form in insurance?

The full form of bi in insurance is “Bodily Injury”

What is a Bi passport?

Bilhete de Identidade (BI)

I hope, this article helps you to find out the Full Form of Bi. this is the common word that is used in our daily routine words Bi Full form.

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