AP Full Form & AP Stands For?

AP is an acronym of Andra Pradesh State/Regional in India. But, apart from this AP is used to
Accounts payable
and So, On.

Do you know another full form Of AP?

Another AP Full Form?

CategoriesAP Full Form
NetworkingAccess Point
PoliticsPeople’s Alliance
[Labour Party]
Airline CodesAir One
Security & DefenceAdministration Police
Universities & InstitutionsAssociate Professor
Universities & InstitutionsAssistant Principal
CoursesAdvanced Placement
Journals & PublicationsAlternative Press
Documents & CertificatesAdvance Parole
Computer and NetworkingAdvanced Prediction
Computer and NetworkingApplication Protocols
(Business) NetworkingAdvanced Packaging
Defense And MilitaryAverage Power
Defense And MilitaryAverage Power
Defense And MilitaryAdvance Party
Defense And MilitaryAttack Position
Defense And MilitaryAir Pirate
Defense And MilitaryAllied Publication
Defense And MilitaryArmor Piercing
Defense & ArmyAsia-pacific Area
Defense & ArmyAdmiralty Pattern
Defense & ArmyAnti-personnel
Air DefenseAdvanced Projectile
SportsAction Points
SportsAll Pain
SportsAssisted Play
MathsArithmetic Progression
MathsAdditional Problem
CountryAsia Pacific
Computer Alternative Power
Computer ProgrammingAllocation Pointer
ChemistryArchimedes Plutonium
SoftwaresApplication Protocol

FAQ Related To AP

1. AP full form in x-ray?

Ans. Anteroposterior.

2. AP full form in school & College?

Ans. Advanced Placement.

3. AP full form in finance?

Ans. Accounts payable.

4. Full form of AP in Medical?

Ans. Anterior Pituitary.

5. Full form of AP in Biology

Ans. Advanced Placement Biology.

6. Full form of ap in Chat?

Ans. Associated Press.

7. What is AP mean in slang?

Ans. short for ass-poopin.

8. AP in Company Name?

Ans. Asian Paints

9. What does AP stand for in dating?

Ans. Adultery Partner.

10. What does AP stand for in Internet terms?

Ans. Access Point.

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